Cannabis Bottleneck Hits Consumers

California moves into uncharted testing terrority. As the July 1st deadline approaches for California’s Cannabis testing requirements, the state prepares for its largest bottleneck to date. Since the roll out of California’s Medical and Adult Use of Cannabis Regulation & Safety Act, also known as MAUCRSA, the state has been proactive in awarding and auditing […]

Inconsistency in Cannabis Lab Tests

Challenged by fraudulently approved microbial tests and inflated THC statistics, the inconsistency of cannabis testing is worrying and problematic for many as it is a critical component of the industry. Millions of dollars funnel into these labs since testing is mandatory in several states that legalized the medical and recreational use of cannabis. States like […]

Cannabis’ Dirty Secret: Labs

Testing labs are the cannabis industry’s dirty secret. Cannabis companies depend on these labs to determine the level of THC in their products or give them a pass with regards to mold, pests or pesticides. The problem is that not all labs are created equal. The labs themselves aren’t inspected or graded by any agencies […]