Unlock Real-time biological testing utilizing no inert gasses, solvents, or reagents.
Open-air testing is the only solution that can deliver on
all real-world applications.

The "new normal" in 2020

The rate of transmission during a virus outbreak is solely determined by a sovereign nation’s ability to detect the disease.

Without detection equipment, we are left wondering where viruses are, and who has them. This new reality will radically shift how people socialize in the future.

Developing the proper testing equipment for these viruses takes time, leaving a bottleneck in our healthcare infrastructure that can cost hundreds of thousands of lives.

The human race has a responsibility to identify and eradicate these diseases with the technology we have at our disposal.

Implications for Lab testing


Turn around on product R&D and distribution gets extended over years, creating supply chain bottlenecks during global pandemics. Labs cannot keep up with demand because each test takes too long.


Laboratories experience large upfront equipment costs, as well as an ongoing need for reagent gases and maintenance. These high costs make it difficult for labs to scale their ability to test.


Outdated machinery creates a discrepancy in product testing nationally. Because of this, the testing industry is repeatedly questioned by the Media about the validity of all test results.

Uses of Biological Testing

Hospitals are on the forefront of the fight of all biological weapons. They are susceptible to receiving these viruses and bacterias, especially if they can't validate what they're working with.

Medical Battlegrounds

Large events all over the world host tens of thousands of people over a few hours. One bad apple could infect hundreds of people. open-air testing allows for validation at all entry points.

20,000+ People in One Building

Our daily and weekly food supply comes from these hubs of food. Because all humans need food to live, we are stuck going to the same place to get food as everyone around us. These are breeding grounds for germ transmission.

Grocery Stores
People That Touch Everything

Buildings that have high foot traffic are exposed to new elements each hour. Large commercial buildings need to validate the safety of the environment they are providing to customers.

New Foot Traffic Every Hour


Sniffer Labs underlying technology was initially designed to detect explosive trace chemicals with 100% success. The compact device was deployed worldwide supporting US government operations. As soon as the patents became available in the market, our team acquired global rights and began commercializing the technology.

Gas Chromatography
Mass Spectrometry
Sniffer Labs Technology

Sniffer Labs Delivers a simple testing solution

SL white

Being able to detect biological agents in open-air, in real-time without additional technical expertise opens up limitless possibilities. An affordable and deployable solution that requires little to no technical background to operate will be required in a post-COVID-19 world. Since each virus has mass and structure, there is no limit on the biological material that can be tested with this equipment.

New safety and sanitation equipment will become normalized over the next 12-24 months. We have an opportunity to standardize biological testing by validating air quality in large social environments.

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